20+ Snowflake Cookies

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These snowflake cookies are simple, pretty, tasty, and will make good directions for your holiday winter tablescape AND be a tasty treat.

There’s nothing like baking cookies during the holidays to help get you in the spirit. And a good way to do that during the cold snowy months when you’re having get togethers and family over?

Snowflake cookies.

The joy with these cookies is that you can make them as difficult or as easy as you’d prefer. If you want a simple recipe, you can even buy pre-made sugar cookies, cut them out using a cookie cutter, and decorate with icing sugar.


gingerbread lightly iced snowflake cookies in box

If you’re more adventurous and want to try your hand at baking homemade – even gingerbread perhaps? – then these recipes below will help get your creative juices flowing as you

The prettiest snowflake cookies you’ll find anywhere

Let’s get started. Any of these will make you a hit at your holiday or winter party, so let’s get going.

20+Snowflake Cookies That Look AND Taste Good (Great For Holiday And Winter Themed Gatherings)

These snowflake cookies are pretty and can be as simple or detailed as you want to make them. Most have a sugar cookie base, but some are even more creative than that!

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