20+ Turkey Cookies

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With Thanksgiving coming up, there’s nothing more fun and tasty to make than turkey cookies. These are creative, tasty, and fun.

With fall and Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a great time to start baking with the kids.

Whether you are cooking these turkey cookies for Thanksgiving itself, for a school party, or simply because it’s fun to be creative in the kitchen… these turkey cookies will delight.

Of course, if you want something more substantial, we recommend our pumpkin pie cake.

Turkey cookies characteristics

Essentially, the key to turkey ingredients is to have a cookie that is the turkey’s body and then some type of confectionery, candy, or addition that makes the turkey feathers. Plus, of course, something to bind them together.

And that’s it.


Fall and harvest themed turkey cookies everyone everyone will love.

Creative, Tasty, And Cute Turkey Cookies

These fall themed cookies are so fun and will make quite the statement on the potluck table. They are easy to whip together as well.

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