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25+ Holiday Champagne Cocktails

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Here you’ll find some Super Celebratory champagne cocktail recipes complete with all the fixings. Southerners LOVE a good party, a good tradition, a good celebration, and a good drink. Serve these holiday champagne cocktails at your next bash.

If you are a Southerner by birth…. you know it’s true.

We love a good party.

A good celebration.

Any ole reason to get together and toast something… well… we’re there!

If it’s a holiday, well, then watch out. We will show up with flair. We want to be the life of the party and we want the party to have life and part of that – not all of it, obviously – is having fun fixins.

That includes champagne cocktails. 

Whether you are going to be a Southern Hostess With The Mostess for a party – or if you just want some awesome spritzers and cocktails to mix with your champagne, prosecco, brut… you get the picture, here you go.

25+ Champagne Cocktails For Discerning Hosts

Without further ado, let’s dive in. Get out your notepad (or your grocery store app) and start jotting down ingredients.

Drinking Making Tools You’ll Use And Love

These are easy champagne cocktails to make, but the right tools are a must. Check out your favorite recipe’s directions to see what you’ll need. Here are some common tools:

1. Strawberry Prosecco Slushie

Check it out on Snappy Gourmet

Using Prosecco (which is technically sparkling wine), orange juice, strawberries, and a little bit of honey, this prosecco slushie will be a hit. Certainly one of the best champagne cocktail recipes to whip up on a hot day!

strawberry prosecco slushie, champagne cocktail

2. Bellini & Rossini Cocktails

Check it out on Francine’s Place

Having lived in Italy myself and sampled quite a few drinks… these are sure to be a hit. Using the blender for the fruit, this is a mix of Prosecco, juice, and fruit.

champagne cocktail being held by hand

3. Prosecco Cocktail With Orange

Check it out on Francine’s Place

These bubbly beauties mix champagne with oranges and even a little thyme and cinnamon on the top for flourish. Try THAT out at your next fiesta!

4. Lavender And Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

Check it out on Francine’s Place

Next time you have a garden party you need to bust this lavender sparkling cocktail out. This would make any Southern Living or Better Homes & Gardens reader proud. Mix some lavender with prosecco in a champagne flute and watch it shine.

purple lavender champagne cocktail recipe mix

5. Cranberry Prosecco Punch

Check it out on The Toasty Kitchen

This cranberry champagne cocktail has prosecco and fresh cranberries for a super festive holiday mix. You can get cranberries when they’re in season and freeze them for year round festive drinks as well. This is one of our favorite champagne cocktail recipes to serve on Christmas Eve.

champagne cocktail punch cranberries

6. Aperol Spritz Champagne Cocktail

Check it out on Celebrating Sweets

This is a super fun spritzer that is pretty and even has a “secret” ingredient. That always makes for good holiday party conversation, doesn’t it?

aperol spritz champagne cocktail

7. Champagne Cocktail With Fruit

Check it out on Celebrating Sweets

You’ll mix prosecco with juice, liqueur, and even some pomegranate seeds or cherries for garnish. It’s lovely, sophisticated, and festive.

8. French Kiss Champagne Cocktail

Check it out on Served From Scratch

This champagne cocktail involves Prosecco, Raspberry Chambord, and some fresh fruit for garnish. If you are into fresh fruits in your drinks (and who isn’t?) then this will suit you well.

9. Strawberry Rose Champagne Wine Cocktail

Check it out on Tammilee Tips

This combination of champagne, syrup, fruit, and ice makes a beautiful and sophisticated cocktail. You can line up these spritzers on a bar display or walk around the room serving your guests, either way, your friends will be impressed.

rose champagne cocktail

10. Pomegranate Kir Royale Champagne Cocktail

Check it out on Zestful Kitchen

Now this is an elegant champagne cocktail. Great for dinner parties, toasting, or celebrating special events. With some champagne, pomegranate liqueur, bitters, and some citrus zest, you’re on your way to one fine toasting evening.

11. Blood Orange & Ginger Mimosa

Check it out on Zestful Kitchen

Now this champagne drink may need to be saved until New Year’s Day BRUNCH because it’s a mimosa and all. I couldn’t resist including it, however, because it’s so dang tasty looking and pretty. Be sure to garnish it with a gorgeous blood orange slice.

champagne cocktail mimosa blood orange

12. Strawberry Rose Champagne Cocktail

Check it out on Zestful Kitchen

This is a similar champagne cocktail to the one above, but with a slightly different recipe and variation in flavor.

strawberry champagne rose mimosas

13. New Years Eve Champagne Punch

Check it out on Sugar & Soul

New Years Eve Champagne Punch is loaded with Triple Sec, blackberry brandy, Chambord, pineapple juice, ginger ale, and champagne for a drink that’s sure to impress all your NYE party guests!

new years champagne cocktail recipes

14. Guinness & Champagne Black Velvet Cocktail

Check it out on Sugar & Soul

If you’ve got hard core dark ale lovers in the house, this may be just the drink to serve up at your New Year’s Eve bash. Or any bash. Or maybe a dinner party. Or just cocktail hour at your house.

guinness champagne cocktail recipe

15. Cosmo Mosas Champagne Cocktail

Check it out on Carefree Mermaid

This cranberry juice cocktail is a lovely drink with some great flavors in it. Many of which you’ll already have in your home bar if you like to have some nice cocktails on the weekend. It combines, champagne, vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice, topped with a fun lemon twist.

champagne cocktail with flowers in it

16. Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa

Check it out on Crayons & Cravings

This is a lovely drink for the fruit lovers among us. Also great for a brunch of a nice celebratory lunch!

lemonade mimosa champagne cocktail

17. Champagne Sangrias

Check it out on Big Bear’s Wife

Now this really combines the best of both worlds… champagne and fruit. In this recipe you’ll use two bottles of champagne, sugar, and with a few fixings and in about 15 minutes you’ll have a pitcher full of goodness.

18. Sugar Plum Cocktail

Check it out on Foodal

This classic dapper old fashioned looking drink will “fancy up” any party you have. Including your New Year’s Eve party. And since it has some espresso, save it for when people start looking tired.

sugar plum champagne cocktail

19. Red Velvet Champagne Shake

Check it out on Ann’s Entitled Life

Oh yeah, baby. If you like champagne and you like ice cream then you’re gonna love this shake. It’s so good the kids will want to have some. But they can’t. That’s illegal.

20. Whiskey Champagne Cocktail

Check it out on Ann’s Entitled Life

Pour some Irish whiskey into some champagne, add some ice and strawberries and, voila, you’ve got yourself some type of Irish champagne cocktail. I’m sure you could substitute Scotch whiskey too. I won’t tell.

21. Champagne Jello Shots

Check it out on Ann’s Entitled Life

Here’s one of the most fun champagne cocktail recipes we’ve found. For those of you who want to have more of a hoe down and less of a sophisticated party… these jello shots may be calling your name. Oh, who are we kidding… jello shots are acceptable at nearly every type of party. CERTAINLY on your more festive parties like Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

champagne cocktail jello shots

22. Pomegranate Mimosas

Check it out on Atta Girl Says

This sparkling cocktail is a mix of pomegranate juice (much easier to get now than in years past), champagne, then garnishing with pomegranate seeds. An elegant and tangy champagne cocktail everyone will enjoy.

23. Low Carb Mimosa

Check it out on Our Crafty Mom

This has a fun mix of Prosecco and diet V8 juice which helps contribute to this low carb champagne cocktail. If you are trying to stay on your Keto or low carb diet but still want to celebrate, use this with no guilt.

low carb champagne cocktail

24. Peppermint Champagne Cocktail

Check it out on Food Wine Sunshine

This fun festive holiday drink will help you find something to do with your leftover candy canes. Yes, there is something you can do with those without saving them until next year!

peppermint champagne cocktail

25. Pomegranate French 75

Check it out on The Fitchen

This is a sophisticated drink that has a garnish to elevate your style. Mixing gin, lemon juice, champagne, sugar, and pomegranate juice, you get a beautiful drink all your guests will love.

26. Martha May Whovier Cocktail

Check it out on Tipsy Chickens

Who hasn’t been out… and it starts getting late… and someone wants to order a round of Goldschlager. Well, if you are all up at New Year’s Eve… you can do it yourself! This drink combines champagne, triple sec, some goldschlager, and even a bit of edible gold leaf for those high flyers.

martha may champagne cocktail

27. Pineapple Lime Champagne Punch

Check it out on Tipsy Chickens

Here’s a crowd pleaser that is guaranteed to satisfy those who love fresh citrusy drinks. Put lime juice, pineapple juice, brandy, champagne, seltzer, and some fruit rings together and voila!

pineapple lime champagne cocktail

We hope you love this selection of tasty and festive champagne cocktail recipes!

25+ Holiday Champagne Cocktails

Here's your handy list of Super Celebratory champagne cocktail recipes complete with all the fixings. Who doesn't LOVE a good party, a good tradition, a good celebration, and a good drink. Serve these great holiday champagne cocktails at your next bash.
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