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Game Day Appetizers

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Ready for the big game? These easy game day appetizers are great for your football gathering and other game day events. For when you want more than just a bag of chips with your pizza. Fun, tasty, and shareable, these are munchies for the whole crew to enjoy!

What’s your favorite sport to kick back and watch? Down South, football is our main thang. Whether high school, college, or NFL…our football teams are our pride and joy, and football season is pure magic. You might say we’re a little…obsessed.

There’s not much that can make football season any more fun, except for…well… maybe some delicious apps to enjoy while watching the game.

To help make your game day food planning a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite appetizer recipe ideas. So whether you need a Super Bowl Sunday appetizer, some snacks for watching the Final Four, or treats for the World Cup, we’ve got you covered.

Bacon Ranch Cheeseball

In the South we LOVE bacon and Ranch dressing! You will find us topping almost anything with bacon and dipping almost everything else in Ranch dressing!

So this combination in a tasty cheese ball is double the pleasure…double the yum!

bacon ranch cheese ball
Bacon Ranch Cheeseball
This bacon ranch cheeseball is tasty, more-ish, and a great appetizer to serve at parties, potlucks, and anytime you want to break out a cracker.
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bacon cheese ball on platter with crackers

Baked Brie with Cranberry and Apple

This appetizer is so delicious, and just look at how easy it is to make!

Cranberry, honey, apple, pecans, and brie, all baked in a warm puff pastry. On a cool evening, this one is just perfect.

Baked Brie In Puff Pastry (With Apple & Cranberry)
The perfect appetizer! Baked brie in puff pastry with apples and cranberries make this the perfect flavor combination.
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Bacon Jalapeño Popper Pinwheels

Our Bacon Jalapeño Poppers are perfect for Game Day… or really any occasion where a tasty appetizer needs to be served up!

Our version of the traditional jalapeno popper is a pinwheel that uses crescent dough for this treat. It’s easy to make and is a savory snack.

Bacon Jalapeno Poppers – Pinwheel Style
These popper pinwheels include bacon, jalapeños, cheese, and crescent dough to produce a tasty appetizer that will delight your whole crew.
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bacon jalepeno poppers

Dried Beef Cheese Ball

Yes, we have another cheese ball for you! (And one more later as well!) This one is so easy with only 4 ingredients – dried beef, green onion, mustard, and cream cheese. Score!

dried beef cheeseball
Dried Beef Cheese Ball
This dried beef cheese ball is perfect for parties, get togethers, game days, and really… any time you want people to congregate.
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dried beef cheese ball with ritz crackers on table

Charleston Cheese Dip

Let’s admit it…who doesn’t love an ooey, gooey cheese dip? Most Southerners will queue up to the table to munch down on a good creamy cheese dip served with crackers, bread, or chips! And regardless of where you’re from, we think you’re gonna love this namesake dip recipe of Charleston.

charleston cheese dip
Charleston Cheese Dip
This Charleston cheese dip will start off any party with a big bang. It's cheesy and more-ish, easy to make, and absolutely divine.
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Crispy Fried Chicken

Crunchy? Juicy? Flavorful? Yep, all of the above. Our crispy fried chicken recipe will knock your socks off! This recipe uses a brine that will lock in all that wonderful juiciness and deliciousness.

fried chicken
Southern Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe
This fried chicken recipe will give you all the tips you need to get the crunchiest, juiciest, and most flavorful fried chicken!
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fried chicken

Pimento Cheese Dip

This dip recipe is easy to prepare and simple to serve. It’s great for informal gatherings and makes a great finger food when served with crackers. Excellent for when you don’t want to spend tons of time on game day appetizers, but are ready to make something snacky that people will love.

Pimento Cheese Dip
If you've been in the South long you know we love our pimento cheese. Here's a pimento cheese dip that'll please the crowds at any potluck.
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Baked Turkey Meatballs

Who doesn’t love a yummy meatball app? Pair these with some tangy mustard dip, creamy garlic sauce, or traditional tomato sauce for a delicious and healthy game day appetizer that your friends and family will love!

baked meatballs
Baked Turkey Meatballs
These oven baked turkey meatballs are great additions to a healthy dinner or even as a meaty appetizer. Easy and tasty.
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Pineapple Cheese Ball

Here’s our third cheeseball for you! (Can you tell we love our cheese??)

Everyone enjoys a great appetizer to nibble on while watching the game, or during any party or special event. The tropical taste of pineapple, the rich smooth flavor of cream cheese, and the savory goodness of ham make this cheeseball a great start to any occasion.

pineapple cheeseball
Pineapple Cheeseball
This pineapple cheeseball is a party favorite. It's fresh, citrusy, and a perfect combination of salty and sweet that tastes good on a cracker.
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Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a Southern Thing. If you were born or raised in the South, chances are you grew up on and love deviled eggs.

They’re the perfect game day snack for your Super Bowl party or other friends and family gatherings. They are easy to prepare and transport!! A win-win!

You can even make these into little footballs. Just leave off the paprika, and pipe thin lines of wasabi sauce on top in the design of football laces.

southern deviled eggs
Southern Deviled Eggs
Want to make some southern deviled eggs that are easy, fast, healthy and yummy? Use this recipe for your next picnic or potluck.
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Buffalo Chicken Dip

This buffalo chicken dip is one of my personal favorite dip recipes. It’s so easy and is always my go-to Super Bowl food to make every year. It’s loaded up with blue cheese and has a great kick to it.

Grab your crock pot and try this one out. Perfect with your favorite tortilla chip.

buffalo chicken dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip
This classic Game Day appetizer is made in the slow cooker and has plenty of bleu cheese. Also perfect for any time you need a delicious dip for a gathering of friends or family.
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buffalo chicken dip

Our Other Favorite Game Day Appetizers

Here are more Super Bowl snack ideas that we love from other places across the Web!

Sheet Pan Nachos

These nachos are loaded with the ingredients we love. And I always top mine with ALL the good stuff – guacamole, melted shredded cheese, hot sauce, and sour cream…yum!

sheet pan nachos with all the toppings
Sheet Pan Nachos
Loaded nachos that are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser! Simply layer your toppings, bake on a sheet pan and serve. Done. Easy peasy!
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Spinach Artichoke Dip

This creamy dip is a must for any game day gathering. If you haven’t tried making spinach artichoke dip in the past, try out this recipe for your first go at it – it’s super easy!

spinach and artichoke dip with chips
Instant Pot Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Seriously the EASIEST way to make this! Only 3 minutes in the Instant Pot using frozen spinach. No need to thaw and squeeze dry!
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Fried Pickles

These pickles are fried…in the air fryer! Don’t forget your favorite Ranch or chipotle dip.

air fried pickles and dip
Crispy, Cajun Air Fried Pickles |
We made these AIR FRIED PICKLES with just a hint of cajun seasoning. They cook in just ten minutes and come out crispy!
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Bacon Wrapped Dates

Here’s a unique combination of two delicious foods – bacon and dates! Maybe wrap some pineapple chunks, scallops, and shrimp while you’re at it!

bacon wrapped dates
Bacon Wrapped Dates
You can’t go wrong with bacon! These Bacon Wrapped Dates are stuffed with bleu cheese, then wrapped in bacon and drizzled with sweet honey.
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Buffalo Wings

And last but certainly not least, what’s a party without buffalo wings?! These spicy chicken wings are baked in the oven and are super crispy.

buffalo wings
Baked Buffalo Wings – ULTRA CRISPY!!
No false promises here! These Baked Buffalo Wings cooked in the oven are SERIOUSLY crispy chicken wings. Tossed in Buffalo Sauce, dunk in Blue Cheese Dip!
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Did we include your favorite game day recipe? Let us know in the comments!

pineapple cheese ball

15+ Easy Game Day & Party Appetizer Ideas

Here we have our whole list of favorite appetizers for your football gathering and other game day events. Fun, tasty, and shareable, these are munchies for the whole crew to enjoy!
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