30+ Homemade Dog Food Recipes (Vet Approved!)

Homemade Pet Food

Want to make some yummy treats for your pup? Here are some homemade dog food recipes and treats that are vet approved and tasty!

Sometimes, when we’re in a bind we want to give our pups something quick.

That’s when these KONG fillers come in super handy.

But on occasion, us Southern mamas like to bake for our best friends. If we’ve got leftover chicken or in season fruit, it’s fun to make some homemade dog food recipes, homemade treats, and everything in between.

In this post you’ll find treats that’ll hide your dogs pills, treats with meat, and treats with fruit.

Enjoy and give that furry friend a hug from us!

35+ Homemade Dog Food Recipes Even Your Vet Would Approve Of!

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Here are some homemade dog recipes your vet will approve of and your dog will love.

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